Tragedy in India, Kolkata – “Act of God”?!

This is to quickly share a very tragic news update.

An under construction flyover in North-central Kolkata, in India collapsed yesterday (31st March 2016) in morning peak hours – leaving around 25 people officially dead and hundreds of people trapped and surviving. Army, Police, National Disaster Response Force and local people helped each other in the rescue operation which ran overnight and this morning BBC news says the following:

India Kolkata flyover collapse: Hope fading for survivors –

This is a man made tragedy which the construction company is referring to as “Act of God”. Standards of construction are being questioned, dirty politics going on with blame-game and hundreds of people still trapped until the debris, with no further hope for finding survivors.

There is also scarcity of blood in blood banks and hospitals to treat the injured, and several organisations ran Blood Donation camps earlier this morning including Jadavpur University Mechanical Engineering Department, Presidency University, Calcutta Medical college hospital etc. Doctors and rescuers using social media (Facebook and Twitter) to request people with B negative and O negative blood groups to come forward to donate blood.

This is my own city and city’s transport infrastructure and innovation being my field of research – this incident left me shocked, outraged and terrified – all at the same time, both as a professional and as an human being.

My family is thankfully unaffected but very sad to find acquaintances in the list of victims. Sharing this news for your support and solidarity please. Feel free to share this post and request everyone to #PrayforKolkata

Thanks and Regards,


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