Career in academics: Do s and Don’t s

Something might be of interest and use for PhDs and ECRs in Transitions research.


As early career researchers, we often have too many questions, doubts and ignorance about how to succeed in an academic career. The issue is being addressed in SPRU DPhil day 2016 where a “Council of Elders” suggested some rules and guidelines, based on their experiences in the field.

For those who were not there, here are the Ten commandments for PhD and Early career researchers suggested by Prof. Ben Martin, SPRU, University of Sussex

Hope this is useful for all researchers across disciples and across the globe.

Identify tomorrow’s problem Foresight; research now so ready for policy makers in 1-2 years’ time; but don’t take too long; if diminishing returns, move on
Focus Focus on selected areas where have comparative advantage; don’t go too broad too soon; learn to say ‘No’
Network and collaborate Network to identify collaborators ; seek complementary knowledge & skills; learn from others (e.g. writing, speaking…

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