Open positions at EPFL Lausanne / HERUS

Posted on behalf or our EPFL colleagues:

The Laboratory for Human-Environment Relations in Urban Systems (HERUS) at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, Switzerland is offering two positions suitable for interested postgraduate/early career researchers:

  • One PhD researcher position on sustainability assessment of urban systems
  • One Post-doctoral /senior scientist position on modelling transitions of urban systems.

The research focus of HERUS is on transitions of urban systems towards sustainability. HERUS is an interdisciplinary team consisting of social scientists and natural scientists. We combine social science methods with material and energy flow models, using ABM or SD and, where appropriate, machine learning techniques (

The research of the PhD student will focus on further developing these sustainability assessment methods. Thereby, the PhD student will combine qualitative and quantitative approaches to elicit and assess the sustainability of urban systems. Depending on the background a specialization in topics such as sustainable health, energy, or well-being is possible.

The research of the post-doctoral fellow will focus on developing integrative models and scenarios for transitions of urban systems towards sustainability. The fellow will also contribute to building an ontology for characterizing urban systems as Social-Ecological Technological Systems (SETS), which provides the basis for the modelling endeavours and group collaboration.

We are looking for highly motivated and innovative people to reinforce our interdisciplinary team!

More detailed briefs for the open positions and contact details for enquiries can be found below:




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