Towards the 2nd PhDs in Transitions conference

Exactly one year after our first conference event at the University of Greenwich, the PhDs in Transitions network can proudly announce that our second network conference is starting in only a few hours at the EPFL campus in Lausanne. While it might be early to speak of a tradition, any event like this one happening twice in a row with increasing energy and motivation is certainly on the best way to become one (after all, there was a first and second IST conference, a first and second EASST…).

So, what can we expect from the 2nd PhDs in Transitions conference?

Two great days of coming together, presenting and exchanging ideas in a positive, constructive and focused environment – there are 44 (!) presentations in 11 parallel sessions; keynotes and workshops led by some of the leading names in Transitions Studies, and a lot of time to discuss, work together and develop both our individual research projects and, jointly, our contributions to the broader field of Transitions Research.

For all of you who are participating in this event – we hope you will have a very enjoyable two days in Lausanne. If you didn’t make the trip this time, keep an eye out on this blog site over the next days as we will keep you up to date on daily developments (and maybe, hopefully, you will make it next time ;))


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