2nd PhDs in Transitions conference: Day 1

Following yesterday’s introduction to the 2nd PhDs in transitions conference we would like to provide you with a short summary of what we did on Day 1 of the conference. In one word: it was amazing. Meeting in the morning hours in the Odysee building at the modern and spacious EPFL campus, we started off the day with some coffee and a short welcome by the organisers, jointed by one of our network members.

Following the welcome, the conference gained pace through a highly interesting keynote by, to borrow a figure of speech from one of our amazing organizers, the rock stars of Swiss Transitions research, Jochen Markard  and Bernhard Truffer, who convened a great session covering some of the key topics of Transitions, the most common pitfalls for young researchers (together with suggestions to avoid those pitfalls) and a selection of their current cutting-edge work.

Following a lunch session, the delegates separated into smaller parallel presentation sessions where, in a very friendly and constructive atmosphere, the different research projects were presented, discussed and development suggestions made through joint effort. In the best Swiss tradition, we concluded the day through an Apéro, which of course extended into a number of us visiting Lausanne town centre to celebrate the Dutch King’s Day…

Stay tuned for the report on the second day of the conference tomorrow – we’re only halfway through and looking forward to some more great content!


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