PhD Nominee for STRN Steering group elections 2017

The PhDs in Transitions network is happy to nominate Susan Mühlemeier for a position in the Sustainable Transitions Research Network (STRN) steering group.

Susan is a PhD student  working in the “Laboratory for Human-Environment Relations in Urban Systems“, at the Swiss Federal Institute for Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. She has a background in economic geography and education for sustainable development. She is currently working on  the conceptualisation of resilience and embedded organisational agency in energy transitions. Her empirical work is focussed on the role of “urban utilities“ for the energy transition in Germany and Switzerland.

She was one of the key organisers of the second PhDs in Transitions Conference and has been an active part of the PhDs in Transitions Network for over a year.

She says, “I am highly motivated to represent the PhDs and ECRs´ concerns in the STRN steering group, to advocate openness of the field to other communities for cross-fertilisation, to contribute young and new ideas from the PhDs in Transitions community.”

As a person, Susan is energetic, motivated, positive, responsible and respectful. We, as a network, wholeheartedly support her candidacy for the STRN Steering Group Election 2017.

If you would like to support her nomination and/or raise a concern, please feel free to do so by sending us an email at or simply by commenting below.

The call for self-nomination is however still open. Please send your application to no later than May 31st.

All the best.. Go Susan!



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