Shaping the future of our network: outcomes of the network workshop at the IST2017

Graph and (edited) text by Mara van Welie.

In the “PhDs in Transitions workshop” at the IST in Gothenburg, 24 PhD students and early career researchers came together to discuss the future strategies and directions of the network. Despite the late hour on a Sunday evening (!), the discussions were fruitful and energetic. The participants brainstormed about the strategy of the network, its goals, communication means that could be useful, and the activities that that network could organize, collecting ideas in smaller groups followed by discussion in a shared arena. In the picture below, you can find a collated and anonymized summary of the main ideas and suggestions put forward, grouped in four main thematic areas.

Workshop themes

We would like to invite everybody who could not join the workshop at the IST and has suggestions or ideas for the network, to comment on this blog or send an email to What would you like the PhDs in Transitions network to look like? And what would be needed for that?



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