News about the 3rd NEST Conference

Posted on behalf of the NEST Conference organisers

We are delighted to inform you that the Call for Abstracts for the 3rd NEST conference has brought about another major increase in submissions, and therefore interest in our event: in total we have received 116 submitted abstracts! This can be seen as a sign that Sustainability Transitions Research is growing out of its own, small niche and developing into a well-known and respected research field. However, we as the organising team are now faced by a rather bittersweet dilemma: how to combine the strong interest with organizing an inclusive, cosy meeting where all participants are able to converse at least once with each of their peers. To further illustrate this point, at the previous conference in April of this year in Lausanne we had about 45 participants. Due to the above-mentioned circumstances, we therefore decided to increase the size of the conference to 70 participants, which we hope will allow the event to retain its inclusive nature, however not becoming overly anonymized. However, even with this change we acknowledge that we will unfortunately have to reject quite a number of abstracts.

With regard to our next steps, the NEST conference organising committee will now enter the process of reviewing the abstracts over the holiday season, aiming to notify all applicants by January 15th! Stay tuned for further updates!


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