Research in systems innovation and sustainability transitions has undergone rapid development in the last two decades, from a small group of interested academics to a burgeoning research field with diverse approaches and a strong interdisciplinary character. This research is supported by a well-organised international forum, the Sustainability Transitions Research Network (STRN). Support for the growing number of PhD students and Early Career Researchers, however, remain limited.

For that reason, we started a new informal community, the PhD/ECR Transitions Network to complement the support provided by STRN, catering specifically to the needs of early career researchers and doctoral candidates. Over time, as the network developed and gathered momentum, we decided to rename ourselves in order to both develop a shared identity and better reflect the purpose and aims of our community. The name chosen was NEST – The Network of Early career researchers in Sustainability Transitions.

This community comprises postgraduate students and early career researchers. It aims to become a focal point, resource repository and communication platform.

The present blog is the public face of our platform. We will post here notices of events of interest for the PhD community, as well as blog posts written by our members. Contributions are very welcome!

We are at an early stage of developing the network, and would appreciate the contribution of all interested PhDs and ECRs for shaping a focused and active community. If you are interested in becoming part of this process, finding out more about our network or learning about our next actions and events, please follow this blog and contact us at transitions.nest@gmail.com!

Photo: Smoke art – Cubes to smoke, by MattysFlicks, under Creative Commons license via Flickr.


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