To spark outrage for change

Nina Vogel, share her reflections on critical thought, hypocrisy and sustainability


Original enough?

Professor Patrick Dunleavy (LSE) offers insightful advice on academic writing. A collation of his ideas can be found on his blog.

His latest post is certainly of interest for PhDs. He unpicks what an original contribution is, and discusses different ways academics contribute to collective efforts. Definitely worth the read.

Two Conferences and one Symposium – How about the fieldwork?

  “How about it?” I asked a fellow colleague in response to the question. But I realized that it wasn’t so unnatural of her to ask this question. Readings on fieldwork methodology suggest that you collect quantitative and qualitative data and information, following one or more ‘techniques’ that is appropriate for your research. It also… Continue reading Two Conferences and one Symposium – How about the fieldwork?

Northern theories for Southern contexts?

Over the last two years, I have thought a lot about the use of ‘Western’ scientific theoretical frameworks to analyse phenomenon in the developing world. This question has been particularly relevant for me as an African student, studying African innovation in a European university, and mingling largely with European scholars throughout my doctoral studies. Much… Continue reading Northern theories for Southern contexts?

Conference postponed

In order to better serve the PhD and early career community and increase the opportunities for participation the organising committee have decided to postpone the event. While the call for abstracts remains open with a postponed deadline, the conference date was moved to April 28th and 29th 2016 instead of the originally planned dates of… Continue reading Conference postponed